I wake, a new taste
on my tongue, love that is free
of all illusion.

Much is said about ‘unconditional love’ but few turn the card over where they’re confronted by its other inseparable half, ‘unconditional non-judgement’.  (Writer pulls his fingers through his hair.)  Right away we meet a dimensional dilemma tied to the frequencies of words and their usage.

“Judgement’ is a third dimensional creation and process, a frequency accessed by the lower, but not higher mind.  Embedded in a 3rd/4th dimensional reality, the lower mind judges as naturally and automatically as the lungs breathe.  If you’ve ever created  a judgement for yourself not to judge after finding a prejudice arise within you, arising more quickly than the blinking of an eye, welcome to humanity.

But remember, as we’ve stated, the lower originates nothing.  So where do prejudices, probably the only group more successful than cockroaches, come from?  Because if we don’t know where they come from, how do we stand a chance of getting rid of them, along with other forms of judgement in our search for unconditional love?

Perhaps prejudices and judgements are nothing more than fragmented frequencies, sharp edges and all.  Have you ever tried to look at yourself in a broken mirror?  The lower mind measures and adds up all the pieces and insists the facts are that both mirrors are substantially the same and it has the figures to prove it.  And it is sincere, because the lower mind does not recognize wholeness, therefore can not value it.  Only the higher mind, with its close proximity to spirit, limitlessness and all that is, knows.

And the higher mind does not judge.

Others are left to the mercies of the universal laws.  ‘Energy out, energy back.’  As we slow down to the speed of love, we see this unfold in both our experiences and the experiences of others in the most amazing ways.  Inescapably.

This is the incubation of the power of choice, an essential tool on the path of freedom.  First we recognize the potentiated choice as it presents itself, and then we slow into it to acquire all it reveals as it surrenders to us.

The universe, prejudice and all, is only here to serve us.

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