The Assistance of Nonresistance

Limitless atoms.
Why must I struggle and fight
to connect the dots?

Who told you to grow up into the being you are?  Parents?  Teachers?  Friends?  Actually nobody.  You put down your own resistance points, defining what we allude to as ‘character’.  You put them down because at a very deep level you agreed with them.  You navigated through your experiences in what you believed to be the best way possible.

It has taken ‘time’ for the energy of those experiences to settle, leaving behind only the navigation points as new experiences call your attention.  In the light of day we polish these points into opinion and beliefs, the lubrication of the lower mind.  They seem to make it work better, until, due to new experience, they don’t.  The harmony built into our breath reveals their now disharmonious quality.  Like a snake, we feel the need to shed that skin.

As we learn to move at the speed of love, these resistance points more and more quickly rise to the surface of our attention.  We can no longer ignore them.  But we can lose interest in them.  We can breathe into them new frequencies by becoming non-resistant to the forces behind our creations.  It’s not so much we ‘become responsible’ but more like opening our vision to new potentials and possibilities.

Our life force drips with the energy of ‘enthusiasm’.  This is what Jesus was pointing to as ‘becoming like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven’.  Isn’t this the predominant quality of children as they overflow with life’s life?

‘Enthusiasm’, being a shadow of joy, is a frequency of higher mind.

Becoming n0n-resistant to not just our creations, whether deemed good or bad, and, more importantly, the recognition of the frequencies behind all of our creations is first felt as a sense of ‘space, and then freedom.  In time it will distill into a space of love that you have the freedom to enter at will.  Isn’t that something to be enthused about?

Sooner or later, all resistance is futile.  Why not sooner?  Why not now?  The pain body of the world is, after all, in the hands of the hundredth monkey.

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