Aiming for Unconditional

When a paradox
is approached, you draw closer
to a larger truth.

Conditionality, like judgement, is a creation of illusion.   Hold onto it at your own risk.  As we on Earth move into more and more concentrated states of isness, nowness and hereness, it becomes more and more difficult to make sense of the past and its creations.  We just won’t feel it.

Can you imagine a world where no one feels the need to ‘justify’ themselves or their reason for being?  As we get rid of judgement, both of ourselves and others, we become the pioneers of that new country.  The few who live there already speak in a way that might cause trouble here.  They rarely use the words ‘me’ and ‘my’.  Not because of any rules or regulations (more words rarely used) but they just have little use for them.  They don’t feel them.

Conditionality creates secret societies and the perceived need for ‘security’, another creation of illusion.  Isn’t it remarkable how the more security is sought the less freedom is found?  The path of awareness is nothing if not a quest for freedom.

The move to unconditionality is not a natural progression.  It is a quantum leap. (See chart)  The leap could not be made except for the fact our essential being is quantum.  So it would be more accurate to describe it not as a leap but a return.  It is important to be assured that the way to the unconditional, as we consciously let go of this condition and that judgement, is already paved.  The game is indeed rigged, but only in the best way possible.  And life is indeed a game, but that does not make it any less profound.

Trust and faith are the kudzu of the unconditional.  They are irrepressible, if we don’t repress them.  But what does it take to have trust in trust and faith in faith?  By now, you are starting to learn  to listen to the wisdom of your breath.   You trust that your next breath will come.  You have faith that the oxygen it pulls in will move to your waiting blood.  It’s a given.

The universe has the same loving DNA.  It is rigged with love.

Breathe it in.

(End of Step 3)

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