Life stops devouring
you as soon as you use your
breath to drink it in.

Why does our breath serve us?  Because serve us it does, from the first breath to the last, an impeccable servant offering us our lives.  Closer than any lover, dearer than any friend.  More faithful than any supplicant kneeling in a towering place of worship.

In fact, doesn’t the presence of breath resemble a form of what many call ‘God’ in so many ways?  What other part of us so clearly and totally interweaves our conscious and subconscious cellular bodies, working through us and for us night and day and night?  Does it not love us unconditionally?  Are these not the markings of the divine?

If we can visualize our breath as an iceberg, the part of the breathing that we consciously utilize could be compared to the tip of the iceberg, a mere 10%.  The rest is below the waters of our awareness – subconscious.  What if we could unify the two, just as we are now in the process of unifying our conscious and subconscious realities due to the grids opening across the planet in the wake of the precession of the equinox?

The lower mind scoffs at the thought but then pauses as it notices a deeper part of itself quietly taking  another breath.

The same proportion of above-the-water iceberg and below-water iceberg also corresponds to our experience of free will versus divine will.  The key is to use the part we have access to (our conscious breathing) to move into and unify with the parts we don’t yet have access to (our subconscious breathing) so we can experience whole breathing and the transcendence it brings.

And the key to the key is slowing down to the speed of love.

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