The Harmonic of Breath

Each breath I breathe in
an angel breathes out.  Each breath
out, angels breathe in.

There is no more powerful and direct way to consciously affect your energy field than through your conscious breath.  First, it acts as a solvent for unbinding adhered or fragmented thought and emotions.  It is especially effective on the frozen state of fear.  Though it’s not necessary to know how it works to benefit from its affects, it opens gates between conscious, subconscious and super conscious frequencies, allowing the light that comes with wholeness and the movement toward completion.

Second, conscious breathing naturally moves the attention point from the head to the heart area, the space of balance and integration.
It also has a massaging effect, similar to the gentle uplift we feel when touched on our neck by a fresh breeze, an elemental recognition.
Last, when guided to flow freely through our energy field, it adds rhythm and resonance, harmonizing with other complementary energy fields, including octaves of our higher being.

Thinking the words ‘Love in’ breathe in.
Thinking the words ‘Love out’ breathe out.
Repeat and repeat.

With your breath you can’t hold the moment, but you can deepen it.  Quite naturally new frequencies (described as memories, dreams, timelines or inspiration) appear.  (Are there such things as memories in the eternal now?)

‘Naturally’ and ‘harmoniously’ are two ways to describe the same thing.  It is our nature to harmonize.  And there are no limits to the attunement as we open the doors of our intent, even to becoming something like sailors of an endless cosmic sea, if that is what we wish.

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