As the talkers talk,
a thousand-petal lotus
blooms in every breath.

Just by putting our attention on our breathing we observe something astounding, an immanent process we share with all other humans.  Immediately, one after another, strangleholds of polarity lessen.  Fears unfear.  Compassion enters.  Can we teach gangs to just breathe?  Tribes?  Countries?

Accidents decrease as we slow down to the speed of love, the speed of awareness through our breath.  Has anyone ever found an actual benefit in rushing?  Has anyone ever rushed because ‘they’ desired to?  Would addicts be addicts if there was no rush?

Not trying to control we become uncontrollable, in the best sense.  The snares, both conscious and unconscious of others, lose their power.  We lose our interest in them.  And, losing interest, we deny them the substance and sustenance of their reality.  Life simplifies, not because we try to make it that , simply because, unmolested, it naturally returns to that harmonic.  This is the secret of true healing.

And then we enter a world of ‘no secrets’.  Layer by sensuous layer, like a beautiful woman, the universe reveals itself.  We find we live in a world of non-scarcity.  ( And that ‘politics’ is just another name for the fiction being promoted of ‘haves and have nots’ by haves in the costly belief that they can reach a state of actually only having.)  Top Secret -without its secrets, governments would breathe the fresh air of “of the people and for the people” and the world would work for everyone.

Frequencies await at our beck and call.  They are our birthright, the genie in the bottle who asks all ,”Master, what is your wish?”  But notice the genie addresses ‘masters’, those who have had the courage to relinquish their cherished beliefs of limitation.

And as we lose our secrets, we too find ourselves being tuned by something far beyond our control.  We breathe nothing but peace.  And we begin to feel, no matter where we are roaming, blissfully home.

Love in.
Love out.

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