The Intent to Know

Muscling into time,
I made my way through another day
and then I unmade it.

Every intention is a form of rebirth.  At the deepest level they retrace the primordial process of  ‘As above, so below. As within, so without’.  It re-minds us of the authentic magic of new birth, the grace-laden opening of near heaven every time we make a wish.
“What magic?” the lower mind quickly asks, not seeing or sensing anything ‘out of the ordinary’, confusing this high act with mere wanting, as it moves on through its ‘day’, constructing its reality out of though-forms at the speed of light, a marvel of automaticity, if only it could perceive itself.
But with that simple question, that ‘what magic’ intent to know, a knock is heard at a door of memory, sometimes so faintly we ask ourselves, “Did I even hear it?”  But then, as we begin to turn away, into our ‘day’, it is heard again.  So begins the first formation of the hidden way known as ‘slowing down to the speed of love’.
And the first weakening of the spell of forgetting.

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