Deepening the Intention

The longest walk is
the sacred path one takes from
one’s head to one’s heart.


Every question is a bid for control  Can we not go there?  And while we’re at it, can we be done with the false prophecy of outcomes?  Both are strangers to intent.
Our naked intent and our energy field bathe in the same stream.  They can not be polluted but few swim in their pristine waters.  They are both infused with 3 divine qualities-


Can we let these be our map, let these glistening bubbles indicate which way is up as we tumble in the fast-flowing, chaotic rivers of experiences?  Especially now, as this age ends.

“Taken to the nth degree, everything less than love is a form of insanity.”

Makes a great mantra.  (You can assure yourself of the truth it contains by its signature of compassion.)  Mantras are simply a tool to assist one to ‘hold the focus’.  Holding our focus again and again on the intent to move at the speed of love are the stones in the river that hold one safe as the crazed and razed and dazed inhabitants of circumstance flow by.  The stones can be slippery but, if returned to and returned to, form the cellular bridge that we cross on our path from head to heart.
Holding the focus requires the intent to continually perceive and recalibrate our personal energy field toward joy.  Joy is the natural centrifugal backflow resulting from the outward centripetal wave movement of love and is generally easier to recognize, and thus extremely valuable.

We are here to become masters and it’s mastering that which brings us joy.

(End of step one – The Intent to Move at the Speed of Love)








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